Because you are serious
about your gains.

Tracking and planning calories made easy

Set your target

Before you do anything you have to set your daily calorie budget. Don't know how that works? No worries, I have a calculator you can use to set your starting point.

Food log

Figuring out what to eat is hard. Gainslog makes it easy to swap foods around until you match your remaining macros.

Weight log

Write down your progress. Add in some observations like "I ate too much", "I should eat more", "I lost my energy - should increase carbs".


They say we need to look in the past to improve the future. See how often you failed to reach your calories and what macronutrient were neglected - and improve upon that.


Gainslog doesn't come with a food database, intentionally.

There are no fifty variations of the same food.

There are no weird foods you don't even know what they are.

You get to build your own food list with foods that you actually eat.

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